Obama Website Reports Only 20 Jobs "Created or Saved" in Connecticut, 28 in Vermont & 22 in New Hampshire

The White House today announced that President Obama’s economic stimulus plan has so far saved or created more than one million jobs.  
But Barack Obama’s government website paints a totally different picture—-
According to Recovery.gov the Obama Stimulus “created or saved” only 20 jobs in Connecticut.
obama stimulus
Via Radio Vice Online and Recovery.gov

The Obama Stimulus created 28 jobs in Vermont.

The Obama Stimulus created 22 jobs in New Hampshire.
0bama stimulus 2
In fact the White House website reported today that a total of only 30,383 jobs have been created or saved by the Obama-Pelosi Stimulus.
They seem to have lost around 970,000 jobs some where. Or, maybe they were never there to begin with?


The US has lost 3.3 million jobs since the Obama-Pelosi stimulus act passed.

The US unemployment spiked from 7.6% to 9.8% this year under Obama… the highest rate in 26 years.

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