Michigan Man Sues Over Nativity Scene

There’s still hope for America as long as people like John Satawa continue to stand up for their right to religious expression.
Obama and the democrats haven’t been able to completely erase Christianity from our culture… yet.
(FOX News)
A Michigan man filed a federal lawsuit for the right to display a Nativity scene in the median of a public road. John Satawa and his family have been displaying the Nativity scene outside of St. Anne’s Church for 63 years.
FOX News reported:

A Michigan man has filed a federal lawsuit claiming his constitutional rights were violated when he was ordered to remove a Nativity scene from the median of a public road — a creche that his family has displayed at the location for 63 years.

John Satawa, of Warren, Mich., filed the lawsuit in U.S. District Court on Friday in an attempt to be allowed to put back the 8- by 8-foot Nativity scene his late father built in 1945.

After receiving a complaint by the Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation last December, the Road Commission of Macomb County told Satawa to remove the holiday display, citing incomplete permits. Satawa’s permit application was later denied because it “clearly displays a religious message” and violated “separation of church and state,” Macomb County Highway Engineer Robert Hoepfner wrote.


Satawa says he simply wants to restore the “tradition” on the median between Mound and Chicago Roads outside of St. Anne’s Parish Church.

“The Nativity display has been a tradition not just for my family, but for the whole community for 63 years,” Satawa told Foxnews.com in a statement. “I am disappointed the Road Commission would not stand up for our community and our Constitution and that is why I was compelled to file this lawsuit.”

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