More Photos From Western CPAC

WCPAC Evening 006

Andrew Breitbart spent some time talking with the Western CPAC bloggers before the bloggers panel on Saturday. Wall Street Journal reporter and author John Fund also sat in on the discussion. Andrew also sat in on the panel.

Ed Morrissey posted a review on the blogger panel.

WCPAC Evening 010
(Left to Right) Morgen Richmond and John Sexton from Verum Serum and John Schulenburg from Infidels Are Cool.


WCPAC Evening 012
The bloggers on Blogger Row went out for dinner last night after the afternoon session: Melissa Clouthier, Jim Hoft, John Sexton and Morgen Richmond from Verum Serum, John Schulenberg from Infidels are Cool, Caleb Heimlich, Rachel Alexander, Stephen Kruiser, and Ed Driscoll from Pajamas Media. Elizabeth Crum was wonderful as the Blog Row coordinator, and did an excellent job accomodating the bloggers at Western CPAC.

WCPAC Evening 014
Ed Driscoll, myself, John Schulenburg from Infidels Are Cool and Ed Morrissey pose for a photo after dinner last night.

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