WaPo Mourns Loss Of Great American "Patriot" –Commie-Truther Van Jones

He will be missed.

Enlightened patriot and communist Van Jones taunts police in Berkeley at one of his police-bashing socialist rallies. (New Zeal)

Eboo Patel wrote about commie-Truther Van Jones “The Patriot” today in the Washington Post.
For some reason this ode to Van Jones was in the faith section of the paper:

It makes me sad and a little sick that Van Jones, the White House Green Jobs Czar, was forced to resign after being targeted by a vicious smear campaign. The Obama administration lost a brilliant mind who worked day and night to, as Van would say, “get the greenest solutions to the poorest people”. Indeed, Van did as much as anyone to put the concept of the Green Collar Economy on the map, including publishing a best-selling book with that title. More than that, he was one of the nation’s most pragmatic environmental visionaries, someone who was always thinking up practical, pattern-changing solutions to massive climate problems.

Van grew up in a small town in Tennessee, went to a provincial college, and wound up graduating from Yale Law School, launching a number of important nonprofit organizations, and winning way too many awards to count, including being named to Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People list. He’s a remarkable American success story, eloquently captured in Elizabeth Kolbert’s New Yorker profile.

This is a loss for the White House. There is only one Van Jones. But if I know Van, he’s already thinking of other ways to serve the country that he loves. Maybe he’ll launch another (socialist) nonprofit organization, write another book, start a new (communist) advocacy movement. Whatever it is, it will make people’s lives better and our country stronger.

Ani Difranco once wrote, “I am a patriot, I have been fighting the good fight.” That describes Van perfectly.

What crap.
Evidently, to tell the truth about a communist-Truther is now officially considered a “smear campaign” on the Left.


Exit Question: Do you suppose Eboo is a fan of Van Jones’ racist, anti-Jew, anti-whitey music too?

More Leftist adoration of Van Jones here.

Still More… i.m. madashell added:

Since he wants to serve the country he loves, he needs to go ahead and move to Cuba.

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