Obama Blames Blogs & Cable News For Driving Passions- Not His Radical Agenda

CBS released a snippet of President Obama’s interview tomorrow on Face the Nation.
He blamed blogs and cable news for driving passions and not his radical agenda:

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HotAirPundit reported that Obama blamed blogs for his unpopular plan to takeover health care:

“I think that what’s driving passions right now is that Health Care has become a proxy for a broader set of issues about how much Government should be involved in our economy, even though we’re having a passionate disagreement here, we can be civil to each other and we can try to express ourselves acknowledging that we’re all patriots, we’re all Americans and not assume the absolute worst in people’s motives..

One last point I got to make Bob and that is I do think part of what’s different today is that the 24 hour news cycle and cable television and blogs and all this, they focus on the most extreme elements on both sides, they can’t get enough of conflict, it’s cat nip to the media right now and the easiest way to get 15 minutes of fame, is to be rude to somebody.

Maybe Obama was talking about the hate website Daily Kos where he is a contributor?

CBS repeated Obama’s unrealistic and dishonest claim that his health care program would not raise taxes on anyone in the middle class. Of course, that is not what Obama said just two years ago. In a speech he gave in April 2007 Obama said that health care reform “would require tax hikes” and that “savings are just a theory.”

But, of course, expecting the state-run media to question the president on his inane promises is asking too much. No matter how ridiculous the president sounds the media swallows it hook, line and sinker.

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