State-Run Media Hypocrisy Alert: Suddenly a Politician's College Thesis Becomes Important Issue

Barack Obama wrote some Far Left nutball thesis in college on disarming America.
The thesis was never released. It still has not been released. The state-run media NEVER made it an issue.

But, suddenly a politician’s thesis is a major issue for the the democrat-media complex.
Amy Gardner, Rosalind S. Helderman and Anita Kumar, hard hitting journalists at the Washington Post, have a major expose today on Republican Robert F. McDonnell’s 20-year-old graduate thesis:

The Virginia governor’s race ignited Monday over Republican Robert F. McDonnell’s 20-year-old graduate thesis: Democrats assailed him in e-mail blasts and interviews for what he wrote about working women, homosexuals and “fornicators,” and McDonnell tried to explain his views to crucial moderate and female voters.

After a sleepy summer filled with rural RV tours and policy papers on energy and the economy, news of the thesis, first reported Sunday in The Washington Post, pushed the race to a fever pitch.

McDonnell’s opponent, Democrat R. Creigh Deeds, bombarded state and national media with details of the thesis, submitted by McDonnell in 1989 for a master of arts in public policy and juris doctorate in law from Regent University in Virginia Beach.

McDonnell, meanwhile, spoke by telephone to reporters for nearly 90 minutes, saying that his views have changed on many of the issues he explored as a graduate student. He also released a list of women who support his campaign.

Be assured the state-run media will make McDonnell’s 20 year-old thesis a major issue in this year’s election.


More… The Elector of Saxony added:

I thought college grades, theses, papers, and birth certificates were now off limits in politics? Or was that just for LAST year?

Guess so.

UPDATE: Michael Barone asks: “Is the Washington Post trying to ‘Macaca’ Bob McDonnell?”

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