Rep. Joe Wilson Continues Attack– "Obama Was Not Accurate About Immigration" (Video)

Rep. Joe Wilson continued to attack President Obama today. The Republican Congressman stood by his claim that Barack Obama was not accurate in his speech last night and that the health care bill will cover illegal immigrants.

The Weekly Standard Blog reported, “Joe Wilson offered the most succinct and effective Republican response to Obamacare since Sarah Palin attacked Obama’s ‘death panels.'”
And, he’s getting hammered because of it.

Rep. Wilson was on with Sean Hannity tonight and continued to speak out against Obama’s distortions:

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Related… Wilson wasn’t the only one upset last night…
The good Rep. John Shimkus (R-IL) also walked out on Barack Obama’s hyper-partisan speech last night.

More… Shady G. sent this reminder:

I noticed in Obama’s speech and the pundits touting the fact that he refused to sign any bill that was not nuetral deficiet. Please refresh peoples memory -I recall his campaign promise of refusing “earmarks” for the budget and there were 9000 in there. He also pledged to reject tailored budget requests that let lawmakers send money to their home states. That too went out the window. Niether of these have been brought back up. Now they expect everyone to buy that he won’t sign anything that is not bedget nuetral? Please-remind everyone of Obama’s words and actions.

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