Quincy Pre-Party Before the Tea Party

Glenn Reynolds enjoyed the band at Backwater’s Bar tonight.

Glenn will be speaking at the rally tomorrow in historic Washington Park.

Founding Bloggers has several pre-party photos.

Tea Party Patriots: Adrian, Jim Hoft, Andrew Breitbart, Glenn Reynolds, and Dana Loesch.

Here’s a photo of Glenn taking this photo of Andrew and friends outside the Backwater.


Andrew Breitbart was excited about his Big Government website and busting ACORN in the child prostitution scandal.
–The US Census severed ties with ACORN tonight.

US veteran Paul Curtman, who gained internet fame after he demanded that Claire McCaskill apologize to her constituents at a town hall event, greeted Andrew Breitbart at the airport last night in St. Louis.

Tomorrow is the Quincy Regional Tea Party Rally.
Hope to see you there!

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