Pathetic Liar Pelosi Tears Up Talking About Protest Violence (Video)

That’s weird. The only violence reported at the anti-Obamacare protests this year came from SEIU and Leftist thugs beating on conservatives.
…That didn’t seem to bother Pelosi much.

Here’s just one example– a St. Louis woman got her face smashed by an SEIU activist at a Russ Carnahan town hall meeting:

But if the state-run media doesn’t report it, it means it never happened, right?

Today a teary-eyed Pelosi talked about the tone of the nationalized health-care debate. After years of bashing Bush, Pelosi and the Left are suddenly concerned about harsh language.
The Hill reported:


A usually steely House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday began to tear up when, in responding to a question about the tone of the national debate, she recalled the politically charged violence that tore through her hometown of San Francisco in the late 1970s.

At her weekly news conference, Pelosi (D-Calif.) was asked if she was concerned about whether the debate over healthcare and the role of the federal government — much of it wrapped in escalating anti-government rhetoric — could lead to acts of violence.

“I think we all have to take responsibility for our actions and our words. We are a free country and this balance between freedom and safety is one that we have to carefully balance,” Pelosi began.

But she then reached back some 30 years, to the very beginning of her career in politics, to recall how heated rhetoric led to the assassinations of San Francisco Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk by a disgruntled former supervisor on Nov. 27, 1978.

“I have concerns about some of the language that is being used because I saw … I saw this myself in the late ’70s in San Francisco,” Pelosi said, choking up and with tears forming in her eyes. “This kind of rhetoric is just, is really frightening and it created a climate in which we, violence took place and … I wish that we would all, again, curb our enthusiasm in some of the statements that are made.”

Here’s Pelosi:
If Pelosi really wanted to take responsibility for her actions she’d apologize to the CIA for lying about them.

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