Obama Expands Relations With Communist Cuba– Cracks Down On US Ally Honduras

For the first time in history the United States government is siding with Marxist leaders Hugo Chavez, Daniel Ortega, Raul Castro and Evo Morales against the pro-democratic Honduran President Micheletti.

The Honduran Congress and Supreme Court along with the military ousted Leftist President Manuel Zelaya from power after his illegal moves to secure his presidential post as a lifetime position. The Honduran government appointed Roberto Micheletti president until the planned elections in November. Zelaya was, of course, supported by local Leftist regimes in Venezuela, Bolivia, and Cuba.

Birds of a feather…

(Michael Ramirez)
Barack Obama is openly siding with regional Marxists and is punishing the government and people of Honduras who ousted their Leftist dictator wannabe by cutting over $30 million in aid to the poor American ally.


Today Mere Rhetoric is reporting that the Obama administration is opening up to communist Cuba.

More… Honduran Headache.

Obama Opens the Door To Cuba & Closes the Door With Ally Colombia

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