Nuts. Dem Grayson Now Compares GOP Health Care Plan to Holocaust & 9-11 (Video)

Where’s the state-run media uproar?
Democrats are now comparing Republicans to Hitler–
Leftist hero Alan Grayson now is comparing the GOP health care plan to the Holocaust and 9-11.

The Florida democrat said yesterday that the Republican health care plan would cause patients to die quickly. Today he compared the GOP plan to the Holocaust and 9-11:

Of course, compared to the US, countries with nationalized health care see more women die from breast cancer, see more preemie deaths and see hundreds of patients die each year while waiting in line for treatment.
But, facts don’t much matter to democrats and their insistence to nationalize health care.

So, the big question is, will the state-run media be outraged with this Hitler comparison?
Or, does this only apply to town hall protesters?


Jammie Wearing Fool has more on this liberal fool.

More… The WaPo gives Grayson a pass.

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