New Video Shows "Finger Biter" Walking Away– 911 Call Also Released

A new video released by the Ventura County Star shows the pro-Obamacare supporter walking away from the Thousand Oaks rally after he bit off a counter-protester’s pinky finger.

The Obamacare supporter was attending the rally. He crossed the street to confront anti-Obamacare protesters and bit off a man’s finger:

The local sheriff’s office is still trying to identify the man after he bit off the pinky finger of William Rice, a counter-protester who attended a separate rally this week.
The 911 call from the scene of the attack was also released:

Ventura County Sheriff’s authorities released a recording of the 9-1-1 call made after a Newbury Park man had part of his left little finger bitten off during a pro-healthcare-reform rally in Thousand Oaks this week.

The recording, which is posted on the Ventura County Star’s Web site, has Scott Bush telling the 9-1-1 dispatcher that there has been a fight. Bush was standing with William Rice, whose left pinky was bit off near the second knuckle during a scuffle.

“A gentleman’s finger has been bitten off, and I have the finger wrapped up in a napkin,” Bush said. He said he wanted to find out what hospital Rice was taken to “so that we can get his finger sewn back on.”

The dispatcher then asked what kind of vehicle Rice was transported in. Bush responded that he didn’t know, and said he was very surprised when he learned that part of Rice’s finger had been bitten off. He said the stump of the severed finger was “dripping blood.”

The police on Friday had still not identified the finger-biter attacker.
William Rice has a son who is a Marine Corps officer.

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