Never Forget– The Attack On America September 11, 2001

Eight Years Ago Today…

Never Forget.

Founding Bloggers dedicates their website today to the the “Falling Man” and the 2,996 victims of 9-11.

Common Cents posted several video clips from that tragic day.

From the video: After the first plane hit one of the towers, this cameraman set up his home video camera on a balcony 1 block from the world trade centers and left the room to let it record unknowing a 2nd plane would hit and he would catch it on tape.


Bob McCartey links to a 9-11 photo essay.

Lagniappe’s Lair offers a tribute to fellow firemen.
On September 11, 2001, 411 emergency workers who responded to the scene died as they attempted to rescue people and fight fires. The New York City Fire Department (FDNY) lost 341 firefighters and 2 FDNY paramedics. The New York City Police Department lost 23 officers. The Port Authority Police Department lost 37 officers, and 8 additional EMTs and paramedics from private EMS units were killed.

BG linked to this beautiful memorial clip.

Looking at the Left posted a wonderful tribute.

Story Balloon TV has dispatch audio clips from 9-11.

Ralph Peters writes today, “We are betraying the dead– We forgot.”

Theo Spark pays tribute to the soldiers in Afghanistan today.

More… Obama skipped Ground Zero today.

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