Lying Liars… White House Now Says Stimulus "Created or Saved" 1 Million Jobs

Up next… A Gazillion Jobs created or saved!

Today the White House announced that they have created or saved 1,000,000 US jobs.
What garbage.
The AP reported:

White House economists said Thursday the Obama administration’s recovery efforts have saved or created more than one million jobs so far.

President Barack Obama has promised that his $787 billion stimulus plan will create or save 3.5 million jobs by the end of next year. But the economy has fared worse than the White House predicted when it pitched the jobs plan and officials have sought to beat back criticism that the results did not justify the huge combination of tax cuts, state aide and government spending.

The US unemployment rate reached a 26 year high in August at 9.7%.

The country continues to hemorrhage hundreds of thousands of jobs each month.
And, Obama is feeding you this garbage.

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