Marxist Venezuelan Leader Hugo Chavez On Obama: "We Have to Help Him"

Here’s video of Marxist dictator Hugo Chavez and American director Oliver Stone after the premiere of Stone’s “South of the Border.”
Disgusting- The first 3:00 minutes was Leftist applause for the production:

Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez was in Venice to view the premiere of the new Oliver Stone film “South of the Border” that paints a sympathetic picture of the Marxist South American thug.
Chavez spoke out in support of Barack Obama telling his adoring fans in Venice, “We have to help him.”
JMF reported this from Reuters:

Chavez was in Venice for the world premiere of “South of the Border,” director Oliver Stone’s sympathetic portrait of a leader he says has championed the poor and who has been unfairly demonized by the U.S. media.

“I have no reason to call him (Obama) the devil, and I hope that I am right,” Chavez told reporters in Venice.

“With Obama we can talk, we are almost from the same generation, one can’t deny that Obama is different (from Bush). He’s intelligent, he has good intentions and we have to help him.

Florida Congressman Connie Mack, the ranking Republican on the House Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere, blasted Stone over his latest piece of Leftist propaganda:

“Filmmaker Oliver Stone should be ashamed of this disgraceful movie. He, along with the likes of actors Danny Glover and Sean Penn, has shown his true colors by cozying up to Venezuela’s communist leader Hugo Chavez and honoring him in this new documentary.

“It’s ironic that Stone, as an independent filmmaker, would prop up a dictator who has systematically quashed freedom of expression and freedom of the press in Venezuela.”

“Stone recently said he was “rooting for this Bolivian movement.” Everyone is allowed their opinion. But once again, Stone is making up the facts.

“American moviegoers would be wise to ignore Stone’s blatant attempt to highlight his distortion of the facts and Hugo Chavez’s vitriol against the United States.”

Sadly, there will be no Congressional Democrats who will speak out against Stone’s latest piece of Marxist propaganda.

In related news… A Venezuelan minister announced this week that more opposition radio stations would be closed.

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