Leftist Hackers Attack Truth Czar Joe Wilson's Website

Truth Czar Joe Wilson busted Barack Obama for misrepresenting his nationalized health care plan to the American people:

Now he must be silenced.
For speaking the truth, leftist hackers are attacking Rep. Wilson’s campaign website with a series of attacks.
FOX News reported:

Rep. Joe Wilson chose an unconventional venue in which to level an attack on President Obama Wednesday night: a joint session of Congress.

Now Wilson’s opponents are counterattacking him in an increasingly popular venue for political mayhem: cyberspace.

Sources close to the South Carolina congressman charge that hackers have blitzed his campaign Web site JoeWilsonforCongress.com with a series of attacks that periodically shut down the page.

The South Carolina Republican jeered at Obama “You lie!” during his health care reform speech to Congress on Wednesday. Though Wilson’s Democratic opponent Rob Miller raised hundreds of thousands of dollars following the outburst, Wilson saw a fundraising windfall of his own, raising $1,000,000 in online campaign contributions since Wednesday night. Now sources familiar with Wilson’s campaign say there’s a concerted effort by hackers to flood the congressman’s Web site and keep him from raising money.

What a complete shock.
The left it trying to silence the opposition for speaking out against their power grab.

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