Krauthammer Drops Jeremiah Wright Bomb Says Van Jones' Lunacy "Is a Reflection of the Boss" (Video)

FOX News All Star Charles Krauthammer compared communist-Truther Van Jones to Obama’s pastor and mentor Rev Jeremiah Wright tonight on Special Report.
Krauthammer says Van Jones’ lunacy is a reflection of the boss:

Charles Krauhammer on communist-Truther Green Czar Van Jones:

It’s a reflection of the boss. The boss also had a history before he became a candidate of being around and friends with the likes of Jeremiah Wright and William Ayers. The liberals scolded us last year on how irrelevant all that is and how it’s a smear campaign against Obama. But, if you live in that environment and you find nothing inherently wrong with that kind of radicalism. Then a Van Jones will show up. You’ll watch him years and years and you’ll think this guy is perfectly mainstream.

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