Hypocrisy Alert: Notre Dame's President to Join March For Life in DC

The Man Has No Shame–
After his controversial decision to invite and honor the most radical pro-abortion and pro-infanticide president in US history to speak at Commencement ceremonies, Father John Jenkins is now planning on participating in the March for Life in Washington DC.


The South Bend Tribune reported, via Free Republic:

In the aftermath of the controversial commencement visit by President Barack Obama, the University of Notre Dame’s president plans to participate in the March for Life in January in Washington, D.C.

The Rev. John I. Jenkins, the university president, announced Wednesday in an e-mail to the campus community that he will participate in the Jan. 22 march. He encouraged others to join him.

A March for Life is held each January in the nation’s capital on the anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion.

Talk radio host and author Laura Ingraham may have said it best.
She went off on the “secular” community of Notre Dame under the leadership of Far Left crank Father Jenkins for honoring Obama at commencement this year.
Here’s Ingraham on The O’Reilly Factor:

Here is Laura Ingraham on the Notre Dame scandal:


I don’t much care if President Obama can turn a phrase or co-opt a word or read from a TelePrompter well and get some standing ovations from what we now know is not a significant or even meaningful Catholic institution. Notre Dame when it decided to confer that honorary degree of Doctorate in the Law to Obama just confirmed that it is no longer a viable Catholic institution. Seventy-plus bishops spoke out vociferously against the ardently and virulently pro-abortion policies of President Obama. The pope has been very clear as he was in his visit to the United States with Catholic University heads that you are not to honor pro-abortion politicians. Notre Dame went ahead and did that. So Notre Dame has taken itself out of the Catholic teaching business. That’s a fact.

What a sad day for Our Lady’s University.

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