GOP Congressman Aaron Schock's Office Targeted in Terror Attack

Islamic convert targeted GOP Rep’s Springfield office.

Talib Islam, who changed his name from Michael Finton, was arrested on Wednesday and charge with attempting to detonate a weapon of mass destruction. Talib converted to Islam while he was in prison. (Daily Mail)

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The Politico reported:


Rep. Aaron Schock’s (R-Ill.) office in Illinois state capital of Springfield was one of the targets of a planned terrorist attack, his office said Friday.

Michael C. Finton, known as Talib Islam, was arrested Wednesday after trying to detonate a van he believed was stuffed with explosives near the Paul Findley Federal Building in Springfield. Finton had been collaborating on the attack with an undercover FBI agent and is being charged with attempting to murder federal officers or employees and trying to detonate a weapon of mass destruction, according to the Associated Press.

“My office was notified today of the attempted terrorist attack on both the Federal Building and my Congressional Office in Springfield,” Schock said in a statement. “I am incredibly grateful to the FBI for their fine work in preventing this terrorist attack.”

Schock’s office was a secondary target, according to an Associated Press report.

Rep. Aaron Schock’s office was targeted in the attack. (Daily Mail)

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