Glenn Beck Plugs This Week's Show: "You Will See Something Exposed & People Will Go To Jail" (Video)

That Ought to Grab Your Attention…
You already knew that Glenn Beck‘s show was going to be entertaining today after the resignation of Barack Obama’s communist-Truther Green Czar Van Jones over the long weekend.

But now… Beck just dropped a teaser-bomb that is guaranteed to rock his ratings.
Beck told FOX and Friends this morning:

“He’s another guy that doesn’t believe in capitalism. Another one who thinks capitalism is bad. He fits right in with this administration. He should be in the White House… This week, by the end of the week, you will see that something that everyone feels in their gut is wrong but nobody’s really exposed it. It’s going to be exposed this week. And, you will see by the end of this week that people will go to jail.

Freedom’s Lighthouse reported:

Oh, please let it be Pelosi!

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