Far Left Mouthpiece Marc Lamont Hill Smears O'Keefe & Giles on O'Reilly… Big Government Responds

This was posted at Big Government earlier today–

Far Left mouthpiece Marc Lamont Hill told Bill O’Reilly that Big Government investigative reporters James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles went to “hundreds of ACORN offices” before they were able to catch “low level” ACORN workers for their damning reports on the scandal-plagued leftist organization. When asked how he knew this Hill told O’Reilly that, “They admitted it.”

This is not true.
See Big Government’s response to these false accusations here.


Big Government contacted The O’Reilly Factor and Marc Lamont Hill.
If there are any updates I will post them both at Gateway Pundit.

Personally I’m hoping Hill will be frogmarched from the set.

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