Comedy Gold III: NAACP Continues to Defend Van Jones

The NAACP told black moderate Kenneth Gladney that he’d have to fill out a form before they’d investigate his a$$ whooping by Obamacare supporting SEIU thugs outside of Russ Carnahan’s town hall meeting.

They appear to be much more open to defending Barack Obama’s communist-Truther cop-killer supporting Green Czar, Van Jones.

It’s too bad Ken Gladney did not release a hate-filled album with cop killer Mumia al-Jamal.
Maybe the NAACP would have rushed in to support him.

The NAACP defended Van Jones yesterday.
The NAACP defended him today.
Ben Smith reported:


Mr. Jones was on Time Magazine’s list of the 100 most influential people in the world before he entered the White House. He was a bestselling author before he entered the White House. He was someone who made the leap from the public schools of Jackson, Tennessee to Yale University long before he entered the White House.

Now that he has chosen to leave the White House, we fully expect Mr. Jones to continue to help lead our nation out of its dual crises of environmental degradation and mass unemployment.

On a personal note, I have known Van Jones for more than 15 years. In that time he, as is characteristic of great public servants, has continuously grown and increased his capacity for improving the condition of humanity. Throughout, he has been guided by a powerful sense of patriotism and love for all.

Van Jones was guided by sense of patriotism for all…
Unless you were an a$$hole Repulican or “white” polluter.

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