China Says Its Military Arsenal Now Comparable With West

Here’s a comforting thought-
China announced this week that its military arsenal is now comparable with the West.
The AP reported:

China’s military now possesses most of the sophisticated weapon systems found in the arsenals of developed Western nations, the country’s defense minister said in comments published Monday.

Many of China’s systems, including the J-10 fighter jet, latest-generation tanks, navy destroyers, and cruise and intercontinental ballistic missiles, match or are close to matching the capabilities of those in the West, Liang Guanglie said in a rare interview posted on the ministry’s Web site.

“This is an extraordinary achievements that speaks to the level of our military’s modernization and the huge change in our country’s technological strength,” Liang said.

The minister’s remarks come ahead of China’s biggest military parade in a decade scheduled for the Oct. 1 National Day in Beijing. That event will showcase much of the country’s most advanced equipment, the fruit of China’s booming economy and nearly two decades of annual double digit percentage increases in the defense budget.

Liang said he believed the parade would “display the image of a mighty force, a civilized force, a victorious force.”

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