ACORN Community High School: Where Your Child Can Learn Social Change Techniques to Solve Real Life Problems

When they’re not involved in defending themselves from accusations of voter fraud or promoting child prostitution on videotape the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) also run radio stations in Dallas and Little Rock and high schools in New York City.
The AP reported on thiss diverse organization on Saturday:

Its affiliates include nonprofit radio stations KNON in Dallas and KABF in Little Rock. The stations and ACORN work closely together, share a common mission and have offices in the same buildings, Kettenring said.

Two schools in New York City have partnered with ACORN and bear its name: ACORN Community High School and ACORN High School for Social Justice. The schools’ state report cards identify ACORN Community High School as in good standing for student performance, while the other school needs improvement in some areas.

Sweetness and Light reported on these New York ACORN schools dedicated to creating tomorrow’s social change leaders.

At the ACORN Community High School children learn about gain the skills necessary to compete in today’s global economic market


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ACORN Community High School guiding principles of social change guide the students along. (pdf)

The ACORN High School for Social Justice is distinctive because:

* We also include an additional course in Social Justice, a course on the Civil Rights Movement (Sojourner Project), and double periods of English and Mathematics at the 9th and 10th grade levels.
* International Teachers Programs. We now also have a partnership with Columbia University as a site for Peace Corp Fellows to complete their teaching internships.
* September 2008 will be the launch of state of the art Film/Media and music recording studios that will be centers of premier art programs including a Television Show in collaboration with Entertainers4Education Alliance.

Who would have ever dreamed that a corrupt organization like ACORN would one day be teaching school children the skills necessary to succeed in a life of community service.

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