Town Hall Disrupter Maxine Johnson Exposed as a Fraud & Liar

The St. Louis Tea Party Coalition is reporting today that the woman who created a disturbance at Claire McCaskill’s town hall meeting in Hillsboro is a fraud:

Maxine Johnson is the woman who staged a melodramatic disruption at Sen. Claire McCaskill’s healthcare forum in Hillsboro, MO, last week. Ms. Johnson, who has a history of expulsion of civilized events in the city of St. Louis, erupted about an hour and 30 minutes into McCaskill’s town hall. Among other infractions, the Green Party fraudster unfurled a prohibited sign. (Later, the sign would so enrage a Jefferson County man that he snatched from her hand and tore it up.)

Here’s the video of the disruption at the town hall:

According to reports Johnson entered the meeting 30 minutes before the forum’s end. She rudely gestured to the audience, and mouthed off in an attempt to start a fight. She also was carrying signs which were strictly prohibited. has all of the details on Maxine Waters.

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