Terrific!… Greta Interviews Couple Who Filmed ACORN Buses At Penn Town Hall

Busted… Astroturf Caught on tape–
Greta interviewed the couple who filmed ACORN supporters in from Pittsburgh to Armstrong County:

From the video:

Greta Van Susteren speaks with a couple who filmed ACORN being bused in to a Pennsylvania town hall which the couple attended.

The footage was featured in an earlier segment of the show.


The couple’s footage and experience mirrors those of other town hall attendees throughout America who have witnessed ACORN and SEIU union members, among other groups, being brought in to ObamaCare town hall meetings in order to try to convey a greater amount of support for the health care legislation than actually exists.

This practice, known as “astroturfing,” (because it refers to ‘fake grass,’ or in this case, fake grassroots support), was supposedly being engaged in by Republican opponents of Obama’s unpopular legislation.

Someone should email this Speaker Pelosi (here) and Harry Reid (here) to show them what real astroturf looks like.

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