Sick. Hamas Holds Massive Pedophile Wedding With Little Girls (Video)

Hamas held a mass wedding in Gaza this past week with girls ranging in age from 6-10 years old.
450 couples were married at the ceremony.

Al-Qassam had several disturbing photos from the pedophile wedding.

Andreas K. sent this from the German website PI-News:


Pedophile mass-wedding in Gaza

At a mass-wedding last Thursday, which has been organized by Hamas, 450 couples got married in Gaza. Birth-jihad (referring to producing masses of children in order to flood the “enemy” with willing minions) seems to be the favorite weapon of both Fatah and Hamas against Israel. But this time Hamas served this cake with a cherry on top of it.

While the age of the Hamas-grooms ranges from 16 to 36, the age of the “brides” ranges from 6 to 10.

Dream job of the grooms is, of course, “shahid” against the Jews. Martyr. Suicidebomber. The video of this “nightmare wedding” (a pun on the German term for the perfect wedding “Traumhochzeit”, dream wedding) can be found here.”

The locals dressed the young “brides” for their big day.

Sick. What a horrible society.
It’s a good thing we’re sending them money.

UPDATE: Israel Matsav reported on this wedding story and questioned its authenticity.

And, via Jawa Report, Soccer Dad says the little girls shown were probably hired to be there in order to celebrate the weddings.

UPDATE 2: Infidels Are Cool has an update.

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