Over 1,000 St. Louis Tea Party Taxpayers showed up at the Russ Carnahan town hall meeting in South St. Louis tonight.
They were Locked Out!

But… The Carnahan staff was sneaking in SEIU members in the side door marked “handicapped.”
Here’s the video:

In this video you see one Carnahan supporter allowed into the meeting at Bernard Middle School through a side door. There were 1,000 tea party taxpayers stranded outside the main door.
When two SEIU members attempted to get in the same side door marked “handicapped” the crowd went nuts and blocked them at the door. Did you notice how nonchalant the SIEU members were about getting inside the door? Like they knew right where to go.

Look at this turnout–

More… Inside the gym they roped off two sections. One was for the tea party taxpayers and quickly filled up when they opened the doors at 6:00 PM.
The other section was marked “reserved” and this section was saved for the union members.
The rest of the crowd was locked out!

The line outside went clear around the front of the building at 6:20 PM- 40 minutes before the start of the meeting. They had already locked the doors.

More… Irate Tea Party “Mob” Breaks Out in Song at Carnahan Town Hall event:

After being locked out of the Russ Carnahan town hall in south St. Louis, the 1,000 strong Tea Party Mob broke out in song outside the meeting. The crowd was not pleased that the Carnahan people were sneaking in union thugs at this door on the side of building.

Check out– St. Louis Tea Party Coalition
Dana Loesch
Sharp Elbows
Reboot Congress for updates.

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