Priceless. Jamie Allman Confronts Russ Carnahan at Secret Press Conference on Beating Black Conservatives (Video)

Rep. Russ Carnahan held a secret press conference this morning to discuss the town hall meeting last night where tea party taxpayers were locked out, union thugs were let in and conservative blacks had their heads kicked in.

Local radio giant Jamie Allman found out where Carnahan was holding his meeting even though he was not sent the information and showed up to ask the Missouri Congressman a few questions.
Jamie asked Rep. Carnahan to comment on the thuggery, the black conservative Kenneth Gladney and the charges brought his union supporters.
Watch Carnahan squirm:

Carnahan first claimed that the SEIU members may not have been his supporters.
Carnahan announced this morning that the GOP was behind the violence.
He also accused Minority Leader John Boehner of instigating the violence(?)

Meanwhile… Mary Katharine Ham interviewed attorney David Brown, a friend of Kenneth Gladney’s, who was an eye-witness to the attack.


More… By the way, Obama’s Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius held a conference call today with SEIU members.
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