President Thin-Skin Continues Assault on Evil Private Sector & Cable News

Private Sector– Bad
Government Control– Good

Obama accused insurance companies of “holding Americans hostage” on Friday.
Instead he wants to take away all competition and allow government to hold Americans hostage.

President Obama continued to demonize private insurance agencies and cable news channels (FOX News) at his town hall in Montana.
Breitbart reported:

US President Barack Obama on Friday blamed headline-hungry television networks for enflaming an ugly backlash by foes of his top priority effort to offer health care to all Americans.

A combative Obama also accused health insurance firms of holding sick Americans “hostage” as he launched a weekend tour of mountain west states Montana, Colorado and Arizona where suspicion of Washington runs deep.

“I know there’s been a lot of attention paid to some of the town hall meetings that are going on around the country, especially when tempers flare,” Obama said, at his own event with 1,300 people in an airport hangar.

“TV loves a ruckus,” said Obama and then joked: “you’ve got to be careful about those cable networks.”

US news channels have been looping ferocious confrontations at town hall meetings held by lawmakers during their summer recess where voters have accused Obama of plotting a “socialized” takeover of the private health system.

But the president argued that away from television’s glare, people were holding “civil, honest” conversations about change, at a time when some 46 million Americans have no health care insurance whatsoever.

More… It’s not working.
54% of Americans believe it is better to pass no reform than to pass the Congressional plan.

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