Of Course… Dems Push For Obamacare at Teddy Kennedy's Funeral Mass (Video)

Of course, they couldn’t help it.
Nothing is sacred.
Dems pushed for Obamacare at Teddy Kennedy’s funeral today:

Not even a funeral is off limits for pushing their socialist agenda.

Duchess Rebecca offers the counter prayer.

And, AllahPundit prayerfully adds this spiritual meditation:


I’ve been informed by liberal amateur theologians that it’s perfectly kosher to pray for universal health care — on TV, in the middle of a national debate, at a funeral service ostensibly devoted to grieving over someone, by exploiting an innocent child — because, um, Jesus would have supported it. I’m happy to discover that the left’s decades of righteous outrage at Christian conservatives for mixing religion with politics was, as so much else is, simple partisan posturing, but I’m unfamiliar with the sermon where Jesus called for Caesar to create a public fund to heal the sick. Can any Bible aficionados help?

Related… Rasmussen reporteded today in that most Americans want to get rid of the entire US Congress.
Lord hear our prayer.

More… Patrick Kennedy said it best about his father:

But my dad of course dug around until he found a rule around the rule.

We know, Patrick.

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