MSNBC: Using Word "Socialist" Is Racist… Leftist Thugs Attacking Black Man, Calling Him N-Word & Stomping His Face– Not Newsworthy

MSNBC anchor Carlos Watson reported today that using the word “socialist” was just like using the n-word:

Sadly, MSNBC forgot to report on how a black man in St. Louis was beaten by Leftist thugs, called n*gger and stomped on.
…If they really wanted to report on racism you’d think they might want to mention that story.

As Mark Steyn said:

“Gotta love this ‘post-racial America’: Democrat union heavies can beat up a black guy using racial epithets and leave him in a wheelchair unable to speak – and happily (unlike, say, a black professor being asked for picture ID) it’s not ’symbolic’ of anything at all. Not a Sharpton in sight to speak up for him: Mr Gladney’s only shot at fame is an entry in The Guinness Book Of Records under ‘Least Famous Black Hate-Crime Victim In America’.”

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