Dem "Blue Dog" Says Town Hall Protesters Are "Political Terrorists" (Video)

Anti-Obamacare protesters are…
MobstersNazisUn-AmericanLike Hamas & Hezbollah

Isn’t it strange that the only beatings, stompings, assaults, slaps and bullhorn attacks at any of these town hall meetings were by democrats and their union thugs and yet the democrat-media complex is projecting their violence on the conservatives?

The latest attack comes from Rep. Baron Hill (D-IN) who called the protesters who disagree with Obamacare “political terrorists” during a recent interview:

Free Republic has more.


Hill is a so-called blue dog who voted for Obamacare in committee.
Without reading it, no doubt.
Hill is not planning to hold any town hall meetings.

The GOP is demanding that Hill apologize for his attacks on patriotic Americans.

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