McCaskill: "Republicans Have Been Very Involved in Drafting Health Care Legislation– They Just Don't Want to Claim It" (Video)

Statist Senator Claire McCaskill held a town hall meeting in Jefferson City, Missouri last night.
She was cheered loudly.
Especially after she said, “If we the people of Missouri didn’t agree with the way I’ve represented them they can vote me out of office.”
She received a standing ovation for that line.
Usually 2 the Right has a report.

McCaskill also told the audience she supports a “public option,” noting that “doing nothing” (the liberal straw man) would be too costly.

The AP reported that the capacity audience of about 400 people “began heckling during the opening prayer” of Wednesday night’s event in Jefferson City.
PLEASE– If someone has video from this rally and opening prayer let me know. The odds of conservatives heckling during an opening prayer are slim to none.


McCaskill also said, “The Republicans have been very involved in drafting the health care legislation. They just don’t want to claim it.”

Of course, this isn’t true.
It would be good to hear a Republican official’s response to this.

UPDATE: Missourinet has audio from the meeting. There was a respectful Pledge of Allegiance but no prayer was said on the audio.

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