McCaskill Asks Missouri Crowd: "You Don't Trust Me?" …Crowd Answers: "No!" (Video)

Barack Obama’s pal Claire “ACORN” McCaskill held a town hall meeting today in Hillsboro, Missouri.
At one point she started lecturing the crowd and asked, “You don’t trust me?”
The crowd gave her an overwhelming response….. “No!”

Why should Missouri trust McCaskill?
She talks like a moderate when she comes back to Missouri but is a guaranteed vote for Obama, the Far Left and Harry Reid when she is needed.
She talks a good game but it’s still the “Show Me” State and she’s shown she’ll vote with the far left every time.

Related… John G. sent this in the email:

As I talk to people it is clear that no one really knows what “Single Payer System” means. This terminology, clearly engineered to disguise its real meaning, is very deceptive. It sounds like the government is just going to make things more efficient – those three words in a vacuum of context do not have connotations of total government control, elimination of competition and decimation of the private sector.

This is just more of the Obama administration obscuring their real intentions. Please expose this deceptive terminology!

So is calling socialized heath care “health insurance reform.”


More… Here’s another idea sent in by Catherine W.:

I’ve been thinking that conservatives need to have their own townhall meetings to inform the public with straight talk. Boycott all the townhalls that congress is hosting. I think this could bring in all political persuasions who want to know the facts by having speakers, etc to explain clearly with *evidence* what the congress’ bill is saying. Have copies of the bill there.

UPDATE: Dana Loesch has a report from the meeting. A local far left former Green Party candidate was kicked out of the meeting for starting trouble.

UPDATE: Sharp Elbows has a report from today’s meeting.

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