Liberals Smear Eric Cantor & Bash Andrew Breitbart in Kennedy Reports

The democrat-media complex is piling on Andrew Breitbart today for tweets like this:

As usual, Andrew asks the tough questions.
As usual, the media refuses to answer the tough questions and attacks Breitbart instead.

Related… The media also used the occasion to smear GOP Whip Eric Cantor:

The Politico published a report “Not All Kennedy Critics Hold Fire” with a photo of Cantor.
But, as you read the article you find out Cantor, “took a break from his usual partisan “whip up” email.”
Like the earlier comments by Nancy Pelosi and Chris Matthews even the death of Teddy Kennedy could not keep the libs from playing politics.

Rush was right. It took the Left less than 24 hours to push for “Kennedycare.”


UPDATE: Sweetness and Light reminds us of Kennedy’s treasonous message to the Soviets today– something the media seemed to overlook.

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