Liberal State Worshippers Deify Their god Obama

Godless liberals and state worshippers continue to pay homage to Dear Leader.

Rolling Stone will release this cover of St. Barack of the Persecuted Socialists on Friday:

Noted Marxist Michael Moore will weigh in on Dear Leader in the mag.

And, their indoctrination of children included a massive beaded mosaic of Dear Leader to celebrate his (Kenyan?) birth.

People gather in front of the World’s Largest Beaded Photo Mosaic of U.S. President Barack Obama on display in front of the White House in Washington, August 3, 2009. The project, created with over 372,600 beads by 1000 fourth grade students from across the U.S., was made in honor of Obama’s 48th birthday which will be celebrated tomorrow. (Reuters)


UPDATE: JWF believes this poster is more fitting…

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