Hypocrisy Alert: Dem Moran Calls Town Hall Attendee a "Plant" Demands To See License Before Question (Video)

Democrat Jim Moran called a town hall attendee “a plant” and demanded to see his license before he could ask his question:

Via Breitbart
The Corner has more on Moran’s hypocrisy:

Earlier this week, Rep. Jim Moran (D., Va.) berated attendees at his town-hall meeting for not being residents of his district, going so far as to demand a driver’s license from one of his questioners to prove his residence. Too bad Moran isn’t equally committed to verifying the identity of people who would receive benefits under the health-care reform legislation he is supporting. While there is language in the House bill requiring that their incomes be verified, there is no requirement that their identity or citizenship be confirmed before they receive taxpayer-subsidized health benefits.

The B Cast asks: “Does anyone else think it’s odd a Congressman would require ID for townhalls but proof of citizenship won’t be required for census?”

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