Handicapped Woman Cries After Assault By Union Thugs at Town Hall (Video) … Update: Woman Speaks Out on Being Stomped On

A handicapped woman with a walker cries as she tells how union members pushed her out her seat at a town hall:
(At 2:20 mark)

Gee, do you think the state-run media will report on this attack?
…Or, will they ignore it like all of the other attacks on conservative town hall protesters?

UPDATE: American Power found more information on the attack.
Her name is Kimberly King and she describes it all at The 9-12 Project:

As we all know things are getting nasty at these town halls and once it happens to you personally it shakes you to the core and the culprits are NOT the crazy right wing mob … IT’S ACORN/PRO-OBAMA bused in THUGS DOING IT!! ….

I am disabled. I currently have a ruptured spinal wire from a spinal implant and will be having my SEVENTH surgery since 2001 within the next week. I also have multiple health problems including little use of my left arm from nerve damage and horrible problems walking since the wire ruptured. I am in such pain it’s difficult to describe, but being there today was important.

We arrived at 4:30 pm and the Alhambra police positioned me right down front by the barricade next to the raised dais where the Congressman was to be situated. The town hall was actually to be held at 5pm but didn’t begin until 7pm. At 5:30 I needed to go the restroom so my best friend went to help me (I’m in a neckbrace and using a walker) and my husband remained with our seats.

Upon returning a group of pro-reform women were standing in front of my seat waving their ready made ACORN designed signs. My husband tapped one of them on the shoulder and courteously asked her to move as his wife needed her seat. She ignored him. I said “excuse me” THREE times and she looked at me and said, “You can sit over there where the other handicaps are sitting.” (Mind you this was in the hot sun on metal folding chairs and we had brought my own chair. That area was for handicapped and elderly constituents of Mr. Schiff’s …) I told her “I need my chair NOW!” as my arm was giving out and I was about to fall. My husband finally screamed “MOVE!” She and her coven screamed, “NO! WE DON’T HAVE TO MOVE ANYWHERE!” I had no choice but to shove her aside with my walker as I was about to fall and SHE STOMPED MY FOOT! I collapsed in the chair and screamed in pain. She and her friends started screaming “She’s LYING! SHE’S LYING! SHE ASSAULTED HER!!”

Of course other onlookers immediately swept in and backed us having seen her interfere with me getting in my seat and saw her stomp my foot…

I am still in tears. I can’t believe how little these people value other human beings. I apologize for the length of this letter but I am beside myself with pain and disgust. I fear for others out there.
Is this really America?

More here.
Look for the Kimberly to be the next smear target on the Left.

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