FACT vs FICTION: Kenneth Gladney Corrects the Leftist Lies About the SEIU Attack That Put Him In the Hospital (Video)

Fact Versus Fiction:

False– Kenneth was hired by conservatives to stir up the violent attack that put him in the hospital.
Kenneth was there to hand out and sell merchandise.

False– Kenneth was recently laid off.
Kenneth was unemployed.


False– Kenneth does not have medical insurance.
He is covered under his wife’s plan.

False– Kenneth started the violence.
SEIU Public Service Director of Local 2000 Elston McGowan who claims he was the victim is twice Kenneth’s size.

True– SEIU members attacked him.
At least 3 members attacked Kenneth and 1 member smashed a woman in the face.

True– Kenneth was hurt and spent the night in the hospital.

97.1 FM Radio Host Dana Loesch interviewed Kenneth Gladney and his lawyer Dave Brown on her Sunday radio show.
Kenneth and David set the record straight for the Leftists lying about Kenneths situation:

For some reason Kenneth’s insurance situation (he is covered under his wife’s insurance plan) has dominated the Far Left blogs… The fact that Kenneth was beaten, kicked and called a n*gger by Obama-supporting SEIU members does not faze them a bit.

Related… SEIU recruits activists to “drown out voices” in Connecticut.

UPDATE: Here is more from David Brown- Kenneth’s lawyer.

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