Dennis Miller Pummels "Vapid, Insipid, Empty-Headed, Nasty Piece of Work" Pelosi

It’s safe to say Dennis Miller does not like Speaker Pelosi:

Tell us how you really feel, Dennis.

Dennis Miller spoke with Bill O’Reilly last night on The O’Reilly Factor:

“If people want to show up and whine for Nancy Pelosi to infer that they’re Nazis shows how empty headed she is…”

“You know I wouldn’t even go near Nancy Pelosi because they’re are people in my life I disagree with. There are other people in my life that bug me. Then there are people in life that I think are karma compromisers. If you hang out with them you literally put yourself in harm’s way as far as karma because they are that bad of person. I think Pelosi is a karma compromiser… I think to be around Pelosi and not call her on being a vapid, insipid, empty-headed and nasty piece of work she is puts your own karma in compromise.

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