Democrat-Media Complex Smears Town Hall Protesters After Lib's Sign Is Ripped– Ignores Violent Attacks On Conservatives

CNN was upset that a St. Louis woman Maxine Johnson had her sign ripped at Claire McCaskill’s town hall meeting this week. Dana Loesch, who was at the event, later wrote about the incident in an email:

“The footage on the Post Dispatch site and on all the liberal blogs totally omits Johnson entering 30 minutes before the forum’s end, rudely gesturing to the audience, and mouthing off in an attempt to start a fight.

Of course.
The left is trying to accuse the ripper James Winfrey of a hate crime because the sign had Rosa Parks on it. The audience was told several times before the meeting that no signs were allowed. The unhinged left is trying to smear the “teabaggers” because of this incident. Ms. Johnson knew signs were not allowed into the meeting and brought her sign in anyway.

CNN jumped all over the story and set up an interview with McCaskill to discuss the incident.
Even Claire “ACORN” McCaskill was not buying the charges of racism:

Sorry libs. You can call off the dogs. This was not a racist attack.
Kevin at Wizbang found this from Winfrey’s daughter posted at the StL Today website:


The “sign grabber” is my father, a man who stops to help people stranded alongside the road, dedicates his time weekly to the poor, gives all his money to the church, and would do anything for ANYONE! our family grew up around African Americans, 3 out of 5 of his children have dated individuals of color whom my father has treated like his own children. He is not racist, he does not see color. He sees people. He is not an aggressive person. He did not even know the contents of Ms. Johnson’s poster; he was upset by the fact that her breaking the “no poster” rule was being rewarded by positive media attention. My father did not see this individual as a women, as African American, or any other separatist adjective you can blow this into. He said to me in explaining the story, “it just wasn’t fair.” Now granted, it wasn’t his duty to remove the poster from this women’s possession, and he realizes this now. But there was no assaulting nor physical harm to the individual, just misjudgement from both parties involved. I’m sure if given the opportunity, my father would be falling over himself to apologize for his misjudgement and promise Ms. Johnson there was nothing racial about it.

Funny… You didn’t hear a peep from the Democrat-media complex after the liberal activists brought out their fists, boots and bullhorns and violently stomped heads, smashed faces and assaulted conservative activists.

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