Comedian Wanda Sykes Does Not Regret Dead Rush Limbaugh Jokes

Wanda Sykes was back in Washington DC this past week and was interviewed by Metro Weekly. Sykes has no regrets for calling Rush Limbaugh a terrorist and wishing him dead at the White House Correspondents Dinner.
By the way… Barack Obama liked her dead Limbaugh jokes:

NewsBusters reported on this interview:

METRO WEEKLY: Do you ever worry about stepping out of bounds, about doing a joke that’s gone too far?

SYKES:I don’t worry about it. My barometer is that I don’t want to be mean spirited – just to attack someone for the sake of doing it. If you started it, I have a right to go after you. If you did something, I can go after you. But I want it to be about what you did and not just a personal attack or something.

MW: Which is where Rush Limbaugh comes in. You leveled several vicious – and I would agree in his case completely earned – jokes in his direction at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. You got some flak in the press for it. Looking back, do you regret saying those things about Limbaugh?


SYKES: Not at all.

MW: Do you feel the resulting flak was justified in any way?

SYKES: I missed the flak because I wasn’t even watching television over the next few days. We’d just got back home and I was focused on the babies. I heard there was a lot of flak. [Are we really supposed to believe this line?]

But I wouldn’t change anything. I just know a lot of people were in the room, and they were all laughing, so I think there’s a little hypocrisy there – people covering their ass.

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