White House Delays Release of Disastrous Economic Data Until After Obamacare Passes

The White House will not release the disastrous Obama economic data until after the Congressional vote to nationalize health care takes place.
My Way reported:

The White House is being forced to acknowledge the wide gap between its once-upbeat predictions about the economy and today’s bleak landscape.

The administration’s annual midsummer budget update is sure to show higher deficits and unemployment and slower growth than projected in President Barack Obama’s budget in February and update in May, and that could complicate his efforts to get his signature health care and global-warming proposals through Congress.

The release of the update – usually scheduled for mid-July – has been put off until the middle of next month, giving rise to speculation the White House is delaying the bad news at least until Congress leaves town on its August 7 summer recess.

President Disaster already sent the economy off a cliff but still wants to spend trillions more on Obamacare:

President Disaster will quadruple the US budget deficit his first year in office.

More… The current bill working its way through Congress will expand government while exploding costs.

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