VIDEO PROOF– US Media Is Propping Up Chavez Lackey Zelaya of Honduras

The US media reported today on “continuing protests” in support of ousted President Manuel Zelaya in Honduras.
FOX News reported:

“Demonstators on the streets of Honduras again today demanding that Manuel Zelaya be reinstated.”

Look at the few dozen Marxist supporters who showed up to support Zelaya today:

Now, here’s what the American state-run media didn’t show you…
There was a MASSIVE anti-Zelaya protest today.

Tens of thousands of Hondurans demonstrated in support of Micheletti and against Chavez-lackey Manuel Zelaya who was ousted on Sunday after he tried to remain in office illegally. (El Heraldo)

Here’s the video of the massive protest in support of the government.
The US media ignored this:

FOX News also forgot to mention the other thugs rallying for the Marxist Zelaya:

Honduras’ President Manuel Zelaya poses with his Cuban counterpart Raul Castro (L) and Venezuelan counterpart Hugo Chavez (R) during the Central American integration meeting in Managua June 29, 2009. (REUTERS/Miraflores Palace)

The Honduran military removed Chavez-lackey President Manuel Zelaya on Sunday. Chávez is now leading the charge to have Mr. Zelaya reinstated. The military and Honduran Congress replaced Zelaya with a member of his own party.

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