Unreal. 'Honduras Hillary' Meets With Zelaya …Update: McCain Counters Obama

Hillary Clinton met with ousted Honduran leader and Hugo Chavez lackey Manuel Zelaya in a private meeting today.
The Obama Administration along with Marxist leaders Raul Castro, Hugo Chavez and Daniel Ortega are intent on reinstating Zelaya as President.

The pro-Marxist network Democracy Now reported on the meeting:

This was a typical Democracy Now report– President Zelaya, a Chavez-wannabe, was replaced by a member of his own party. The Honduran Congress and the Supreme Court both agreed that his actions were illegal. But, Amy Goodman says a “right wing” delegation was also in DC to talk with the Obama Administration.
The AFP reported:

Ousted Honduran leader Manuel Zelaya met with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Washington Tuesday, as the leaders who sent him away hinted at a possible exit in the crisis.

Zelaya — who the army prevented from landing in the capital Tegucigalpa during violent protests Sunday — could come back if Congress grants him amnesty, a spokesman for the Supreme Court told AFP.

“The only one with the power to give amnesty is the Congress,” said Danilo Izaguirre, spokesman for Honduras’ Supreme Court.

Zelaya’s highest-level meeting with the US administration so far in the crisis came Tuesday amid increasing pressure on the leaders who packed him away on June 28 over a dispute with the courts, politicians and the army over his plans to change the constitution.

“We are open to dialogue. We want to be heard,” interim leader Roberto Micheletti said Tuesday, amid world-wide condemnation for the coup, as well as violence on the streets.

A spokesman for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights on Tuesday condemned “excessive force” by authorities quelling protests in Honduras, after two deaths in weekend clashes with the army.

By the way, this wasn’t picked up by the state-run media but, Honduran officials announced yesterday that the bullets that killed one of the Leftist/Marxist protesters was not fired by the Honduran military.


Meanwhile… John McCain countered Obama on Honduras today. Senator McCain said President Manuel Zelaya clearly “was in violation of his country’s constitution.”

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