State-Run Media: Cheer Up Obama Economy Could Actually Be Worse

With the unemployment rate at 9.5% and growing and the economy is shrinking there’s only one the state-run media can do…
Compare the US to other global economies:

Is there anything the state-run media won’t do to prop up Dear Leader?
US News reported, via Free Republic:

When times are tough, one thing that tends to raise the spirits is knowing that somebody else has it worse. And as wretched as the U.S. economy seems, it’s not as bad as in other regions.

The International Monetary Fund’s latest tally of world economic conditions forecasts a 2.6 decline in U.S. economic output for all of 2009, and anemic growth of 0.8 percent in 2010. That’s more optimistic than the IMF’s prediction from three months ago, but those are still lousy numbers. A weak economy throughout 2010 would mean a bleak employment picture, an agonizingly slow housing recovery, and another year or two likely to feel like a recession, whether it’s technically labeled that or not.

Funny… When the US economic output under George W. Bush was leading the industrialized world the media wouldn’t publish global comparisons?
It’s funny how that works.

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