Social Security Administration Blows $700,000 At Resort & Spa Conference–With Dancing Girls (Video)

Remember: It’s the worst recession since the Great Depression.
Everyone must sacrifice.

The Social Security Administration just blew $700,000 at a resort and spa so managers could learn about “emotional intelligence” and “techniques to empower you.”

The dancing girls were there to help motivate the attendees.
Click on photo to watch dancing video:

More video here.
ABC15 reported:

A Social Security Administration motivational management conference held at a high-end Valley resort last week cost $700,000, the SSA told the ABC15 Investigators.

Costs for the conference at the Arizona Biltmore Resort & Spa included airfare, hotel entertainment, dancers, motivational speakers, and food, an administration official said.

A spokesperson from the SSA’s regional office said the conference was essential, that teleconferencing was not an option, and that all 675 managers needed to meet in person.

The SSA provided ABC15 with a list of courses provided at the conference, which included “Techniques to Empower You,” “Mentoring the Generations,” and “Emotional Intelligence.”

But the information provided by the SSA did not mention an after-hours casino trip, family members staying at the hotel, or the 20-minute dance party ABC15 observed.

By the way… Social Security is nearly insolvent.

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