Sen. Sanders: Private Insurers SHOULD BE AFRAID Of Going Out of Business (Video)

The Senate’s lone admitted socialist, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, confessed today that the new nationalized health care system will likely put private insurers out of business.

When asked whether private insurers should be afraid of the democrat’s plans, Sanders said, “They should be afraid.”
From Your World with Neil Cavuto:

The democrats aren’t even hiding their intentions anymore:

FOX News analyst: But they’re afraid. Private insurance companies are afraid that they will be put out of business. So why shouldn’t they fight it?

Sen. Sanders: They should be afraid. Let me tell you they should be afraid. I think when they deny people health care because somebody has breast cancer a few years ago, when they throw people off of health insurance because people were sick and ran up a health care bill they have a right to be exposed, a right to be afraid.

Senator Chuck Schumer also said this weekend that with Franken there is no need for democrats to compromise on the public option.


This is exactly what Verum Serum warned us about.

Related… The AP had an article on Saturday on the drawbacks of Europe’s “free” state-run health care.

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