Rush Limbaugh: Media Have Become Nothing More Than Stenographers For Rahm Emanuel (Video)

Rush tore into the state-run media tonight on Greta’s show:

Rush Limbaugh tore into the state-run media during an interview with Greta Van Susteren on FOX News.

The press has met their Waterloo and it’s Obama. They have sacrificed whatever integrity, character, professionalism, ethics that they’ve had. It’s all gone. Their total reason, most of them, for existence is propping this guy up. They’re not reporting the details of his plans. They’re not reporting his policies. They’re looking at it as a horse race. Obama win… Obama lose… They’re running countdown clocks on some of the networks for the press conference last night. Countdown clock: 8 hours 25 minutes 13 seconds to Obama press conference. These people sitting around with their tingles up their legs all day. They marvel at how Obama is so smooth and elegant. They are not informing anybody about the details of his policies. And yet, 53%, over 50% in most polls now oppose this health care plan. So who’s telling the people? Who’s telling the people what’s in it? Alternative media. Your network, talk radio, the conservative blogger network. The mainstream media has cashed in its chips. They have become nothing more than stenographers for Rahm Emanuel. And it is breathtaking to see; willingly sacrifice every characteristic that makes quality journalism.

In related news… Another death blow to the state-run media:
Jon Stewart was voted most trusted “newscaster” this week.

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